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Your performance is good so you deserve a salary increase.你的表現非常好,因此您值得被加薪。

I really appreciate it that you gave me a raise. I will continue to do my best! 我很感謝您給我加薪。我會繼續盡力而為的!

Candidates who have recently graduated usually don’t get a high salary at the beginning. 最近才剛畢業的候選者一開始通常拿不到很高的薪資。


[初級商務即戰力英語] 做個稱職的經理人,幫員工調薪 英文開口說 I'm Giving You a Salary Increase
I'm Giving you a Salary Increase
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Need help?

(02) 2181-1888

Level and major skills
Level suitable for
Lv 2 ~ Lv 4

4 major skills


Can recognize common daily English words but can't to use them in a conversation.


Can use one word answers to questions but can't use these words to make sentences.


Can understand simple conversations and can answer questions using complete sentences.


能聽懂兒童故事及短劇的大致內容,但對於日常淺易談話尚未能了解。 實例:能大致了解童話故事《Snow White》中的情節內容,如白雪公主吃下毒蘋果的片段,但由於無法跳脫故事框架,而無法將故事內容與生活作連結,進而聽懂與水果相關淺易談話,如There is a saying that an apple a day keeps the doctor away。

Student is able to listen and roughly understand Children's stories or plays, but s/he still not be able to understand simple daily life conversations. E.g. Student roughly understands the story of "Snow White", such as the part when Snow White eaten the poisoned apple. But the student cannot link the story with daily life, so s/he cannot understand some simple conversation like "There is a saying that an apple a day keeps the doctor away."


能朗讀和吟唱歌謠韻文,但無法以簡易的英語看圖說話及進行簡易的角色扮演(role play)。 實例:能朗讀和吟唱歌謠韻文《Twinkle Twinkle Little Star》,但因不熟悉句型延伸運用及其他詞彙,而無法搭配星星圖片,以簡易英語進行看圖說話。

Student can read and sing English song and rhymes, but s/he is not able to use simple English to talk about pictures or do role play activities. E.g. Student can read and sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", but s/he does not familiar with the sentence pattern and usage, s/he cannot match this song with the star picture.


能看懂簡易的英文單詞和標示及用字典查閱字詞的發音及意義和辨識歌謠、韻文、故事中的常用字詞,也能辨識英文書寫的基本格式。但無法閱讀簡單的句子,也無法藉圖畫或標題等推論主題。 實例:能用字典查閱字詞rain的發音及意義,但由於缺乏句型結構觀念,而無法閱讀簡單的句子At half after eight it began to rain(八點半時開始下雨)。

The student can read and understand simple English words and signs, and read and understand commonly used English words in songs, rhymes and stories. The student can use a dictionary to find out the pronunciation and meaning or an English word, and s/he also understands the basic English writing principles. But the student cannot guess the content of a book by its title or the pictures provided within. E.g. The student is able to use a dictionary to check the pronunciation and meaning of the word "rain". But s/he cannot understand sentences like "At half after eight it began to rain" because s/he does not have ideas on sentence structure.


能依圖畫、圖示填寫重要字詞以及拼寫一些基本常用字詞。但無法掌握英文書寫格式寫出簡易句子,也無法填寫簡單表格和造句。 實例:能拼寫一些基本常用字詞like或walk等,但因尚未掌握英文句型書寫方式而無法進行造句,如I like cats。

Students can following instructions to do certain linguistic exercises such as 'spelling' or 'fill-in-the-blank', but cannot format a proper English sentence, fill in a form or make sentences based on certain words on their own. E.g. Students can spell and write basic English words such as 'like' or 'walk', but they cannot make a sentences with these words, such as 'I like cat.'

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