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Level and major skills
Level suitable for
Lv 6 ~ Lv 8

3 major skills


Can participate in conversations about daily topics using 3 or 4 complete sentences.


Can hold a simple conversation with a native speaker, but grammar and vocabulary make communication difficult.


Can hold a conversation with a native speaker using up to 3,000 words in active vocabulary. Grammar doesn't affect communication.


能大致聽懂公共場所廣播、氣象報告及廣告等,且能聽懂簡易的產品介紹與操作說明。但尚未能聽懂英語影片及國內外英語新聞報導的內容。 實例:能大致聽懂BBC或CNN的颱風氣象報告,但因不熟悉財經股市新聞相關字彙而無法聽懂BBC或CNN的股市分析新聞報導。

Student roughly understands public announcements, weather forecast or advertisements, as well as simple production introduction and operational manuals. But s/he cannot understand movies and TV news. E.g. Student can roughly understand BBC or CNN's weather forecast about typhoon, but s/he cannot understand stock market analysis because s/he not familiar with financial English vocabulary.


能以較深入的英語介紹一般的國內外風土民情,也能較完整地介紹自己的生活作息、工作、家庭、經歷等。但尚未能對一般話題陳述看法,也無法與外籍人士交談溝通,進行簡單的工作或生活相關之答詢。 實例:能以較深入的英語完整介紹自己的工作,如I work as a computer engineer, and my job is analysing and designing computer systems(我是電腦工程師,負責分析與設計電腦系統)。但尚未能與外籍人士交談工作領域外的一般話題或進行簡單的工作答詢。

Student is able to use better English to introduce foreign customs and cultures and describe their daily routines, jobs, families and backgrounds. But s/he is not able to give opinions on general issues in English or propose and answer questions at work or in everyday life, or communicate with foreigners. E.g. The student can use better English to introduce his/her job, like "I work as a computer engineer, and my job is analyzing and designing computer systems". But s/he is not able to talk to foreigners about anything outside work or answering questions about work.


能從圖畫、圖示或上下文,猜測淺易字義或推論大致文意,並能閱讀不同體裁、不同主題的簡易文章。但無法運用各種閱讀技巧推測字詞意義、句子內容及文章內容。 實例:能透過旅遊雜誌中越南的景點照片推論越南著名景點名稱、位置或前往方式說明等,但由於圖示有限且缺乏各種閱讀技巧,而無法閱讀簡介中較詳細之景點歷史介紹或著名餐廳特色說明等。

"Student can guess the meaning of a paragraph by reading through the previous or next paragraph or the pictures provided, and s/he is able to read simple English writings in different topics or forms. But s/he is still not familiar with various English reading skills and can do extensive reading. E.g. The student is able to guess a famous tourist attraction, where it located, and transportation by looking at a picture. But the

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